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Tommee Tippee Super Steam Advanced Electric Sterilizer

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Product Description

Tommee Tippee’s Electric Steam Steriliser comes with four Closer To Nature bottles, bottle tongs and bottle brush. The sterilising system is also chemical free ensuring its safety. It kills 99.9% of the germs for your complete peace of mind. Then contents of the steriliser stay sterile the whole day for your convenience – you only have to sterilise once a day. The steriliser is capable of holding a day’s worth of Tommee Tippee’s Closer To Nature bottles which adds up to your convenience again.


  • BPA and Phthalate free 
  • Kills 99.9% of germs without chemicals or dishwasher residue
  • Fast sterilizing phase 5 minutes
  • Bottles stay sterile for 24 hours

Digital Display

Show progress at a glance:

H: Heating

S: Sterilising


Take up less space on the kitchen workbench.

Fits up to 5 Tommee Tippee bottles or 6 ordinary wide neck bottles and accessories

BPA free

Fast 5 minutes sterilizing cycle

Without Bottle Included:

1 x Bottle Brush

1 x Tong