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Babybee Economical UV Sterilizer White

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Product Description

Buzzer sounds and light indicator

Top circle light on while in use, and 3 times buzzer sounds when Dry, Sterilize, Auto and Storage are completed

More widely used

All kinds of baby stuff can easily be disinfected; even electroic toys that can’t be washed can be sterilized.

7-sided refraction sterilization is more comprehensive

The direct use of 7 mirror stainless steel allows the UV to refract 360 degrees without dead angle sterilization.

No need to bend over

Easy open lid with a comfortable angle.

More thorough than boiled steam

Ultraviolet radiation directly destroys DNA of bacteria, effectively killing all kinds of common bacteria and inner virus.

Philips UV Light

Philips uv light (4w) ensure complete disinfection up to 99.99%. It removes all germs from baby bottles, toys, kitchenware, etc.


Size: 280mm x 280mm x 247mm

Sterilizing Power: 4w

Dry Power: 75w

Voltage: AC 220v/∼50-60Hz

Gross weight: 3.1kg

Using condition: Indoor

Executive Standard: GB28235-2011 GB19258-2012

Inside dimension: 24.5cm x 19cm x 16.5cm height