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Apruva PP-710 Playpen Crib Co-Sleeper Playpen, (A) Blue Forest Kingdom

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Product Description

  • Adjustable mattress
  • Removable mosquito net
  • Airy Mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • Easy Fold/Storage Conveniently folds up for easy storage & space saving
  • Auto-locking Wheels Easy to roll from room to room

Color A (Blue) – Design: Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Crocodile

Color B (Gray) – Design: Giraffe, Owl, Monkey, Fox, Lion

Color C (Beige) – Design: Giraffe, Elephant, Turtle

Color D (Brown) – Design: Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Elephant

L x W x H = 101cm x 71cm x 73cm or 40in x 28in x 29in